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Mouse Actions

1. General selections

  1. Hold Ctrl+LeftKey and select to add block to selection.

    Mouse Actions Add Block

  2. Hold Alt+LeftKey and select to remove block from selection or reduce current selection.
  3. Hold Shift and click/select outside of a selected block from both sides to add adjacent blocks.
  4. Hold Alt+Shift and click before a block in a multiple selection to remove this block.
  5. Doubleclick on a word, hold LeftKey and drag-select to select next full words.

2. Selection by columns

  1. Hold Shift+RightKey and select to create multiple selection by columns.
  2. Hold Ctrl+Shift+RightKey and select to add selection by columns to current multiple selection.
  3. Hold Alt+Shift+RightKey and select to remove selection by columns from current multiple selection.
  4. The same selections by columns can be performed with the Wheel instead of Shift+RightKey combination.

3. RightKey as modifier

  1. Hold RightKey+LeftKey and select a block, then release to select whole lines in the start and end of selected block.

    Mouse Actions Expand To Line End

    Mouse Actions Expand To Line Start

  2. Hold RightKey and Doubleclick LeftKey to select a paragraph.
  3. Hold RightKey and Tripleclick LeftKey to select all.
  4. Hold RightKey and turn Wheel to go to Next/Prev tab.

4. Other actions

  1. Hold Ctrl and turn Wheel to go to change font size.

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