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Set Up a Home Network

1. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings.

Control Panel Network

Network Folder Sidebar

2. Rightclick the Local Area Connection and select Properties.

Local Area Connection Properties

3. On the Networking tab doubleclick the Internet Protocol Version 4 item to open its properties.

IPv4 Properties

4. If you have the access to Internet through this connection and you get your IP address automatically (you have the “Obtain an IP address automatically” radio button on) then go to the Alternate Configuration tab.
If you just want to establish home network connection for this Local Area Connection element then select the General tab.

5. Select the User configured option on the Alternate Configuration tab and type this information:
IP address –
Subnet Mask –
Approve all changes

IPv4 Alternate Configuration

6. Go to other computers and repeat all steps. For the IP address field change last digit as the IP wshould be unqique for each computer in the network.

7. Check that all computers have the same Workgroup:

7.1. Press Win+Pause to open System properties.
7.2. Under the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings check the Workgroup option.
7.3. To change the workgroup name press Change settings on the right then the Change button and type the name in the Workgroup field.

System Properties Workgroup

Workgroup Edit

8. Connect computers and check the connection:

8.1. Press Win+R, type “cmd”.
8.2. Type “ping” or “ping [other-computer-name]” from the computer with the IP
8.3. All the Packets should be received.
8.4. Also press Win+R and type “\\” or “\\[other-computer-name]“.
8.5. This should open the remote computer sharing folders list.

Ping Home Network

Open Sharing Folder From Run Window By PC Name

Remote PC Sharing Folder

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