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Create Custom Run Commands

I. Win+R -> “%windir%” or go to C:\Windows.

II. Put a shortcut to the program in this folder.

  1. Get existing shortcut from other place:
    1. Copy shortcut from Desktop or Start Menu.
    2. Rename it to a short name.
  2. Create new shortcut from the program folder:
    1. Go to the program folder in another window.
    2. Put program icon to the Windows folder.

      1. Drag’n’drop program icon:
        1. Drag the program icon to the Task Bar label of the opened Windows folder until that folder appears.
        2. Holding the Alt key release the dragging somewhere on the white space.

          Custom Run Command Create Shortcut By Drag

      2. Copy/paste as shortcut:
        1. Press Ctrl+C on a program icon in Windows Explorer.
        2. Go to the Windows folder or maybe Desktop.
        3. From the Context menu select Paste Shortcut.

          Custom run paste as shortcut

        4. Copy (if needed) the pasted shortcut to the Windows folder.
    3. Rename it to a short name.
  3. Create new shortcut in place:
    1. In the Windows folder select New -> Shortcut from the context menu.
    2. Select location of a program or another link.

      Custom Run Command Create Shortcut In Place

    3. Enter a short name.

      Custom Run Command Create Shortcut In Place Set Name

    4. Finish.

III. Win+R -> [short-name] opens the program.

Custom Run Check New Command

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