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Disable Password Require on Wakeup

1. Windows XP

  1. Win+R -> “powercfg.cpl”
  2. Go to Advanced tab
  3. Uncheck Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby

    Wakeup pass Advanced Power options XP

2. Windows 7

  1. Through Advanced power settings
    1. Win+R -> “control powercfg.cpl,,1″
    2. Go to Balanced -> Require a password on wakeup
    3. Set to No

      Wakeup pass Advanced power options Win7

  2. Through Power Options
    1. Win+R -> “powercfg.cpl”
    2. Press Require a password on wakeup in the left panel

      Wakeup pass Power options Left panel Win7

    3. Select Don’t require a password

      Wakeup pass control option Win7

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