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Open Project in New Window

1. Add folders to project

2. Save it (Project -> Save Project As…)

3. Duplicate project files and rename the project


Though .sublime-project will be enough to copy, .sublime-workspace contains some additional preferences on history, unfolded directories and others.

4. Open duplicated project in a new window

  1. Through Explorer
    1. Go to folder with the .sublime-project file
    2. Open the file Properties
    3. Press Change and select Sublime Text .exe file
    4. OK.
    5. Doubleclick the .sublime-project file.
  2. Through Sublime Text
    1. Go to Project -> Open Project
    2. Navigate to the duplicated project file and open it.
  3. Use Edit file feature in such programs as Total Commander or Double Commander, the key is F4.

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