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Some Shortcuts and Tricks

1. Ctrl+F3 – find next word under cursor

command: find_under

2. Alt+Left/Right – move cursor by subwords
Alt+Shift+Left/Right – select subwords

command: move
args: {"by": "subwords", "forward": false/true}
args: {"by": "subwords", "forward": false/true, "extend":true}

example: word1_word2_word3
Moves/Extends word1/2/3 separately. With Ctrl works with all string.

3. Ctrl+Shift+Backspace – delete all to the start of the line
Ctrl+Shift+Del – delete all to the end of the line

command: run_macro_file
args: {"file": "res://Packages/Default/Delete to Hard BOL.sublime-macro"}
args: {"file": "res://Packages/Default/Delete to Hard EOL.sublime-macro"}

4. F12 – go to function definition
For this a folder with sources must be in the project.

5. Alt+. – close tag

command: close_tag

6. To go to a part, tag, class of an HTML page press Ctrl+P and type #. Then type a class or tagname.

Sublime Tricks go to HTML part

7. Ctrl+G – go to line number.

8. Ctrl+R – open function list.

9. Ctrl+Shift+J – select text which is similarly indented.

Sublime Tricks similar indented text selection

10. Ctrl+Shift+A – select all inside tag.

command: expand_selection
args: {"to": "tag"}

Sublime tricks select all inside tag

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